Integral Patent Services®

CRR Integral Patent Services (IPS) provides an important bridge between the inventor or company and the patent attorney that enables them to produce a high quality patent in a productive, timely, and cost effective manner. With involvement in both the technical and business sides of an invention and a thorough understanding of the patenting process, CRR is able to optimize the time and effort of both the inventor and the patent attorney.

Basic and Premium IP Consulting Services are a very wise investment for any technology-based business. Certain IP costs are also valid expenses for government contracts having IP requirements, and the contractor gets to retain commercial rights.

IPS significantly lowers legal expenses as well as the cost of inventor/engineering support, resulting in a high quality patent for about one-half or less of the average cost. With CRR’s approach, clients become more comfortable with, and confident about, their patenting experience.

Services provided by IPS include.

Basic IP Consulting Service (4 Hours/Month)

Intended to develop a company’s IP awareness by establishing proper IP processes and provide IP training, guidance and oversight. Service will typically involve a three-hour monthly onsite visit and a monthly status report.

Premium IP Consulting Service (8 hours/month)

The same service as the Basic IP Consulting, but twice as often. Service will typically involve two three-hour onsite visits per month plus two bi-monthly status reports. Recommended.

IP Portfolio Management Service (hourly rate + expenses)

Service involves development of IP strategy, coordination of inventor and patent attorney activities required for patent development and patent prosecution, management of IP docket, and participation in senior management meeting(s). Minimum service is for eight hours per month.

Patent Application Development/Prosecution Support Services (hourly rate + expenses)

Services support the inventor and patent attorney as required to efficiently prepare patent applications and office action responses.

Miscellaneous IP Services (Hourly Rate + Expenses)

Services include prior art analysis, possible infringement analysis, competitor analysis, IP value assessment, business plan development, licensing support services, prototype development support, IP presentation support services, etc.